Featured Products

Clamp Edge

The Bora Clamp Edge and straight edge guide is an essential tool for any wood shop that uses a circular saw, jig saw, router, biscuit joiner and other tools. More>>

Clamp Edge Wide Track

An indispensible shop accessory for making perfect cuts with power tools. Specially designed track connects saws, router and other tools to align cutting blades with work piece. More>>

Multi-Angle Adjustable Square

The Bora Multi-Angle Adjustable Square does the regular square one better because it will mark the perfect right angle, but can also mark other common angles with pre-set positions. More>>

Angle Master Miter Duplicator

When you know all the angles you get the job done quicker and right the first time. This miter duplicator adjusts to identify any angle and allows you to make quick work of transferring a miter. More>>

English Mortise, Scribe, Squares

High quality, English-made gauges, scribes and squares are precise and durable. Crafted from the finest materials, these are tools that any craftsman would love to include in his workshop.  More>>

Magnetic Combination Square

Measure, square, level and plumb — do it all with the Bora Magnetic Combo Square. High-quality stainless steel ruler; magnets hold ruler securely yet allow for quick and easy adjustments. More>>